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Videos with Debbie

From speaking on mental health to discussing LGBTQ+ matters, watch Debbie in action as she discusses the topics closest to her heart.

Embracing the Journey Webinar - "The Big Reveal"

Debbie shares about her journey and thoughts from her latest book, The Big Reveal. Debbie tackles key topics like faith, grief, relational safety, an LGBTQ+ parent's role, your and your child's mental health, and the importance of showing extraordinary love to your child.


The Anxiety and
Worry Mind Trap

With Clay Scroggins, Debbie discusses how anxiety and worry can be a trap for many of us. How can you see them coming before you get stuck? And what is the path to experience freedom? Here, Clay and Debbie offer a way to break free from four common mind traps.

How to Care for Parents with LGBTQ+ Children

​In this 32-minute video, Debbie interviews Greg and Lynn McDonald, authors of Embracing the Journey, concerning the unique challenges that parents of LGBTQ+ kids experience.


We all struggle with boundaries one way or another.

Here, Debbie dives into why setting boundaries is

necessary to find freedom in our lives.

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