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Justin Lee - Author of the Book Torn

I grew up in a deeply devout Christian family. None of us imagined we would ever have to deal with anything LGBTQ related. Eventually, though, I had to confess to my parents that I had been wrestling for years with questions about my sexuality and that I had begun to suspect that I was gay.


My parents prayed fervently, studied the Scriptures, talked to our pastor, and read every book they could find, but they kept coming up with more questions than answers. And while they trusted God to guide us through what seemed like uncharted territory, I now know that they struggled with a lot of loneliness and self-doubt through it all. 


Debbie Causey knows what that struggle is like, because she’s lived it, too. But while it might not have been what she planned, God has used that journey to teach Debbie powerful lessons—and ultimately, to make a difference in the lives of so many other parents in the same boat. Debbie’s wisdom, experience, and grace have earned her respect in the eyes of those who know her, and I’m so excited she’s agreed to write this book to share what she’s learned with a wider audience.


There are many challenging questions for us as Christians when we explore what God has to say to us about sexuality and gender. But if we all follow Debbie’s example and lead with the kind of grace she demonstrates, I am certain we will see God use those challenges to make us better people and strengthen our faith and our families.


Other Endorsements

"Debbie has taught me so much about emotional health because she is just so emotionally healthy. She shows others how to love people well, so they have a chance at being emotionally healthy too."

-Clay Scroggins


"Debbie's passion for reconciliation is contagious. It helps families grow in deeper relationships with each other and God while strengthening their faith."

-Greg and Lynn MacDonald

"I love Debbie Causey. I have seen her story up close and personal for over a decade now and am a better person because of it. "

-Jeff Henderson

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