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Debbie Causey: 
Author and


Coaching with Debbie Causey

Meet Debbie

Licensed Professional Counselor and Pastor

Debbie Causey is a licensed counselor, ordained pastor at a mega church, and a mother who has been on a journey to discover what God has to say

about the topic of homosexuality and gender identity issues and the LGBTQ+ community for the past decade.

She leads a ministry for parents of LGBTQ+ children who are desperate to learn how to love their children well and discover God's purposes for them on this journey. She has spoken at several conferences about parenting LGBTQ+ children well and is passionate to seeing LGBTQ+ individuals and their families reconciled to their faith.

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What I Specialize In

Managing Anxiety

Navigating Mental Health and Suicide


Parenting and Loving Our LGBTQ+ Loved Ones

Conflict Management and Boundaries

Becoming a Safe Person in Relationships

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Connect with the author of "The Big Reveal"

"Debbie has taught me so much about emotional health because she is just so emotionally healthy. She shows others how to love people well, so they have a chance at being emotionally healthy too."

- Clay Scroggins

"Debbie's passion for reconciliation is contagious. It helps families grow in deeper relationships with each other and God while strengthening their faith."

- Greg and Lynn McDonald

"I love Debbie Causey. I have seen her story up close and personal for over a decade now and am a better person because of it. "

- Jeff Henderson

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Love well.

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